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August 4, 2013

Pro Home Stores 8" Pouring Pot Tabletop Fountain Review

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I have always loved water fountains and it has been a wish of mine to have a big one in my yard. Unfortunately, I don't own a house or have enough space for one that I'd really like. Although I can't enjoy the ambiance of a large water fountain, I can also find enjoyment with one that can easily be placed on a desk or side table.

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WaterFountain Pros is a subsidiary company of Pro Home Stores

 I was super excited when I was given the opportunity to review the 8" Pouring Pot Tabletop Fountain from WaterFountain Pros (which is a subsidiary company of Pro Home Stores). It was something I couldn't wait to receive, set it up and enjoy the sound and setting.

Pro Home Stores Water Fountain

The water fountain came nicely packaged. It was all secure and well protected. It came with the base bowl, pouring pot, artificial plant leaves, pump and an AC adapter. It also features an underwater LED light (which is noticeable in my photo under the second pot). The fountain is made from Polyresin and it seems to be quite durable even though it's pretty light. 

It was quite easy to assemble, although we did run into a problem [see below]. It didn't take long before I had the pots pouring with water though. I plan on filling the base bowl with rocks of some sort; most likely river rocks. I think including rocks with the fountain would be much more convenient and beneficial. 
Pro Home Stores Pouring Pot Fountain

The problem we had during assemble was with the pump - the part that goes under the LED light. The piece was not fitting properly and would not stay in place. We ended up using super glue, which did solve the problem and did not cause any other problems with the fountain. 

This is a small fountain that can be placed on a work desk, dresser, counter, or even used outdoors.   I have decided to place it on my bathroom counter, although I may change its location soon. I really love this fountain and enjoy listening to the sound of the pouring water. 

Pro Home Stores Water Fountain Close Up

I believe the price for the fountain is quite reasonable. I've researched other tabletop fountains and found that this one is quite cheaper then most. As I mentioned above; I believe it's durable even though it's made with Polyresin. {Not sure what Polyresin is? Polyresin is a compound used to make statues, figurines, and more. It's a robust material  that can easily be molded and painted.}

Price: $40.00
Purchase: You can purchase this fountain by clicking the link listed above.

Pro Home Stores offers thousands of home and office decor items with free shipping and no sales tax. Everything from floor fountains to a wall mounted fireplace and even an air conditioner cover.


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