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August 8, 2013

Simple Tips For Buying The Best Baby Clothes

When buying baby clothes, make sure that you are choosing wisely. Remember that babies have very sensitive skin, and that means you have to put a bit more thought into buying their apparel than you might when you buy your own clothing. The following tips will give you a better idea of what you should look for and what you should avoid when you are buying these clothes for the little ones.
Consider the Fabric
As mentioned, a baby’s skin is very soft. It is important to choose fabrics that will be gentle on the skin. Babies can develop rashes easily, so softer is always better. Find breathable material as well, so it does not trap moisture. When you buy on the web, look at the material and even look at reviews of the clothing items to see if they mention anything about the fabric being too rough or irritating.
One of the other things that you need to remember when buying is that cotton will shrink. When buying cotton baby apparel, it might be a good idea to choose a size larger than you need because of the shrinkage.

Consider the Time of Year and Age
Always think about the time of year and the size of the baby. If you are buying a nice and warm sweater that will keep the little one snug, you do not want to buy it in the middle of summer. It’s too hot to wear. If you do buy a sweater in the summer, buy a much larger size so the baby will be able to use it when the colder winter months finally roll around. The same holds true when buying baby clothes for hot weather during the colder seasons.
You might be able to save some money when you buy clothing off season in some places, but it is important to be sure you buy clothes that will be large enough to fit the baby by the time the next season arrives.
Consider the Design and Safety
When you look at the design of the baby apparel, you want to check for several things. Naturally, you need to make sure the item is cute! However, you also need to make sure there is not a choking hazard. When the clothing items arrive, search for are any loose buttons, zippers, or other accessories that could become choking hazards. If you find anything, fix it, remove it, or return it.
Consider the Other Elements of Comfort
Elastic might be handy for parents. They can simply slip the baby clothes on and off the baby without dealing with buttons and zippers. However, if the elastic is too tight, it is not comfortable for the baby.
When you are buying baby clothing always think about the comfort level. Imagine that you would have to wear the clothing. How would it feel if you could not remove it on your own? If it looks as though it would be uncomfortable for you, it is likely uncomfortable for the baby. Having very little or no elastic is better for the skin.
Consider the Colors
Babies are messy. It’s an immutable fact. That said, choosing the right colors is important for the clothes. While white and light colors are ideal for the summer, baby clothes of those colors are likely to get quite dirty. Darker colors tend to stay cleaner longer. Whenever you wash the clothing make sure you use mild detergent that is safe for babies and that will not cause a rash.
Since being founded in 1979 by Ms. Pegg Hart Earle, Hartstrings has been a beloved line of children clothes and baby clothes known for their quality and design.


Sarah Hayes said...

great tips! I have definitely learned that no matter how pretty a piece is, if its white or light colored it wont stay that way for long lol. we try to stick to darker colors or clothes with designs/patterns on them.

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