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August 4, 2013

Simply Clean Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitizer Review

Simply Clean Hand Sanitizer Frog

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I've never been one to carry hand sanitizer around. I'd rather have something small and more compact. I've seen those small bottles that can go on a key ring but I always felt they were unattractive and really didn't think they were worth the price for the size you get. 

It's also hard to get kids to use hand sanitizer, let alone carry those small bottles around. I was recently introduced to a new brand that is coming out with cute, compact instant hand sanitizers and other fun items. Simply Clean is a new, upcoming brand that will be bringing consumers antibacterial products that are cool, fun, and cute. I received a  2 oz (trial size) sample of their instant hand sanitizer that comes in bottles shaped like animals. I chose the frog bottle but there are others such as a duck, owl, lady bug, and panda bear.  

Instant Hand Sanitizer Frog

These cute hand sanitizers will be available exclusively at Walgreens in Mid-September for $2 each. They are being released just in time for the cold & flu season! 

Simply Clean Hand Sanitizer Collection
These hand sanitizers are quite small, however, they are a little bigger then many trial size varieties. I put mine on my key ring but some might think it's too bulky or that it adds too much weight. 

It does have a strong scent at first but after you rub it in it's not so bad. It doesn't make your hands feel sticky which I love - most brands I have used left my hands sticky. Each bottle comes with a removable looped string. 

These a really cute and even the kids will love them! It can much easier to get the kids to carry hand sanitizer around now! 

Price: $2 (2 oz)
Purchase: Will be [exclusively] available at Walgreens Mid-September 2013.


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