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October 13, 2013

Lorex Baby Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor Review

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  Lorex; the worldwide leader in surveillance technology, released a new product line within the last few months that will help many of parents around the globe. In mid July, Lorex introduced Lorex Baby, which is a line of video baby monitors. The Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor in one included in this new line. 

The Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor has many features and is pretty affordable compared to other video monitors. With the Sweet Peek, you can feel at ease while your baby is napping.

Features include:
  • Classic Preset Built-in Lullabies
  • 2.4" Portable LCD Monitor
  • 12 ft Clear Night Vision 
  • Digital Zoom
  • Two Way Talk
  • Built-in Nightlight 
  • Crisp Clear Sound
  • 450ft Outdoor Wireless Range
  • Up to 8 hours of Battery Life
  • Attach up to 4 Additional Cameras
It's easy to set up and doesn't take long at all. Just take it out of the box and you're pretty much good to go. 

The monitor is lightweight, compact, and can easily be held in the palm of your hand. You won't have to worry about lugging around a monitor that is uncomfortable and heavy. The video quality is  pretty good, but it's not as clear as the product photos show. The night vision is blurry at times. The zoom makes it easy to see if baby is really sleeping. The night light makes it more convenient to change baby's diaper during the night - you don't have to turn on a room light that may be too bright.  

When the monitor searches for a signal, it makes a beeping noise that can be quite loud so just be aware when you lay baby down to bed. I had no problem when I took the monitor outside; I was still able to hear my kids at the other end of the apartment. However, the kids room is a clear, straight shot to the back door. When I walked around the building to my front door it lost its signal. The signal range does seem to be a big problem with most people. 

The price is not too bad; I've seen video monitors for quite a bit more. The regular price is $179.99 but it's on sale right now for $119.99 on the Lorex Baby website. You can also purchase at Amazon.com, WalMart, Babies R' Us, Best Buy, and Target. 

I believe it is worth the price - the pros out weigh the cons in my opinion. It would make a perfect gift for new parents or if you're looking for a good quality video monitor with good sound.  


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