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October 15, 2013

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine Review

When you're a new mom, you may find yourself struggling when it comes to making bottles quickly. All mothers know how it feels when you've got to hurry up with that bottle before your baby shows you how well his lungs work; if he's not already. Not only do you want the bottle to be made quickly, but you also want it to be made accurately. This means scooping the right amount of formula, amount and temperature of the water, and filtered water (if you choose). I know it can take some time to make a bottle if you want to warm it up; but if you're wanting to use filtered water; it's going to take even longer. Sometimes we just don't get that kind of time when it comes to feeding your baby.

You can now prepare bottles just the way you want them so much easier and quicker, by using the Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine from Tommee Tippee. This machine will fill your baby's bottle with the right amount of filtered water. The water it dispenses will also be heated to the right temperature, so you don't have to worry about giving baby something to hot or not warm enough.

This machine will prepare fresh, accurate bottles in less then 2 minutes. It saves you the time from having to measure out the correct amount of water and making sure the temperature is just right.  The filter system will remove any particles that may be in the water and the machine will put out a "hot shot" of water that will kill any bacteria that may be in formula.

The Perfect Prep Machine includes:
1 machine
1 40 gl filter (lasts around 3 months)
1 5 oz Closer to Nature bottle
1 storage lid

The setting dial - choose your size of bottle here

How to prepare a bottle using the Perfect Prep machine:

  1. Fill the basin with water. While you're filling the basin with water, it will pass through the filter and you will need to add more water to fill it completely.
  2. Use the setting dial to select the bottle size you are using so the machine will dispense the correct amount of water. Choose from 4 oz up to 11 oz.
  3. Set your bottle under the dispenser. If you need, you can adjust the stand in order to fit the size of bottle you are using. The bottle neck should sit close to the outlet.
  4. Press the start/stop button. Once this is pressed, a red light will appear and begin to flash. This is when the machine will dispense a small amount of hot water. 
  5. Once the dispensing of water is complete, the flashing red light will change to a solid light. You will hear 2 beeps and this means the first stage is complete. 
  6. Remove the bottle from the stand and measure the correct amount of formula powder you need and put it in the bottle.
  7. Use the included storage lid and shake bottle well until the formula is well dissolved.
  8. Place the bottle back on the stand after removing the storage lid. Press the start/stop button again and now the red light will shut off and a green light will appear and flash. You must press the start/stop button at least 2 minutes after the initial release of water. If 2 minutes has passed, an alarm will sound and you should discard the contents in the bottle and start over from the beginning. 
  9. Once the start/stop button has been pressed, the machine will dispense the rest of the water. Once completed, it will beep twice and the green light will now be solid.
  10. The bottle is now finished. It's still recommended that you check the amount of formula just to be sure the amount you selected on the setting dial is the correct amount dispensed. You should still check the temperature of the formula, for your baby's safety. 

I found this very easy and quick to set up. The filter and bottle stand are in plastic wrapping so you'll have to add those yourself. When you first plug the machine in, the warning light for low water level will come on (as shown above). I followed the steps from the instruction booklet (listed above) and everything happened just the way it says. It was quick and the preparation of the bottle was completed in less then 2 minutes. The amount of time taken to prepare bottles will depend on the size of bottle you are using.

This does help a lot and it's great knowing my baby will be getting filtered water. This is a great product for daycare workers, nurses, babysitters, or parents of multiple babies. When you have to make several bottles regularly and get it done fast; this would be perfect.

The above photo shows the action buttons that are located on the right side of the machine. The first button is to begin the cleaning process, the second button is to reset the machine and clear the memory, the third button is for de-calc/de-scale (remove deposits of calcium and other minerals).

If needed, you can purchase replacement filters and extra bottles. Several other bottles will work with the machine too.

The Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine is exclusively sold at Babies r' Us and is sold for $149.99. 


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