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September 25, 2014

Flips Audio - The First Headphone Speaker Hybrid Review

When four music loving guys got together and talked about equipment, they created the first headphone and speaker combo - Flips Audio. With this headphone, speaker hybrid, you can go from listening to music solo, to jammin' out with your friends just by flipping out the speakers. 

Music is a big part of my life, so having something that produces good sound is very important to me. We use them as speakers every time we watch a show or movie on the laptop. It makes it easier to enjoy the show since we don't have to be so close to the laptop just to hear what we're watching. They produce a loud and clear sound when being used as speakers but when being used as headphones; the output is not as loud as we'd like it to be. They don't have much bass output which is a down side to us. They could possibly sound better being hooked up to good equipment or if you try adjusting sound settings. We tried changing our settings but couldn't find anything to improve the bass. We had some issues with the switch that transfers the sound from headphone to speakers. This has happened several times now and we usually have to try flipping them a few times to get it to work correctly. 

They are comfortable to wear and Brandon says they fit him perfectly. I feel they are a little big for my head and I'm not sure if it's something I could wear out comfortably or for a long period of time. The headphones fold compactly for easy storing in their stylish zipper case. They can be charged by using the USB charger that is included. They held an estimated 3 hour charge for us without being plugged in. I noticed then when they are about to die, the sound will start to cut out. If they die completely before you're able to charge them, it may take a few minutes for them to get enough power to turn back on. 

Overall opinion - Clear sound but not loud enough while using headphones and they need to produce more bass. I think they are a little overpriced for the sound quality but could easily be worth it if they made these improvements. 

You can purchase Flips Audio for $120 or request a free 30-day trial - just pay shipping. If you're not satisfied with them, you can return them before the trial ends and your money will be refunded. If you decide to keep them, your credit card will be charged the full amount of $120. This will be charged on the 30th day from the trial start date. 

They can be purchased directly from the website or at local stores such as Walmart and Target. You can also find them online on Amazon. 

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