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October 24, 2014

Blue Orange Games - WuzzIts Review

I was provided with the mentioned product(s) to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was given for this post. My reviews contain my honest opinion with the product(s).

Blue Orange Games creates games for children and families that will provide them with endless amounts of fun and helps build important skills. They also respect the environment; so they are committed to planting two trees for each one that is used to create these games.

I received the game WuzzIts for my review - it's a monster match up game for children ages 6 and up. This game helps with improving strategy skills, social play, visual perception, and arithmetic.

There are five families in the WuzzIt world; the Wuzzbots, the Wuzzfins, the Wuzzbuzz, the Wuzzfuzz, and the Wuzzmuds. They tend to like to combine with each other to create a confusing batch of monsters.

Each family has a specific color and a monster type.

1. Wuzzbots: Robotic monsters - blue cards.
2. Wuzzfins: Water monsters - pink cards.
3. Wuzzbuzz: Flying monsters - yellow cards.
4. Wuzzfuzz: Furry monsters - green cards.
5. Wuzzmuds: Underground monsters - brown cards.

Note: "top" and "bottom" refers to the top and bottom parts of the monsters.

The goal: The goal of the game is to create three complete WuzzIts. The first player to put together three complete WuzzIts and call out "WuzzIt!" wins the game. There are three ways to determine if you have a complete WuzzIt; The family name located in the corners of each card must match, the complete image of the WuzzIt located in the opposite corners on each card must be correct., and the point values on each card must match. *see photo on left*

How to play: Select a dealer. The selected deal is to deal out four "top" cards and four "bottom" cards to each player, face down. Place the remaining cards face down in the middle of the table, making two piles - a "top" pile and a "bottom" pile. Take one "top" card and one "bottom" card and place them face up next to the corresponding piles; this starts the two discard piles. Each player then sets up their wall to shield their cards from being seen. Each player turns over their cards and arranges them in two rows (tops and bottoms), lining up any complete WuzzIts.

There are three ways to obtain a new card - drawing from the draw pile, picking up from the discard pile, or by trading a fellow opponent. If you choose to trade cards with an opponent you may choose which type of card you want (top or bottom) but you must allow the opponent to choose which card to trade you. You must discard the same type of card you draw (top or bottom) from the draw pile or discard pile.

If a draw pile runs out of cards, shuffle the cards in that discard pile and place them face down to create a new draw pile.

The Swap Card: Included in the decks of cards are two "swap" cards. Drawing a swap card means that each player must pass their corresponding cards (the card will imply to swap the "top" or "bottom" cards) to the player on their left. Discard the swap card in a different pile - it's only used once per game.

This game is recommended for children ages 6 and up but my 5 year old daughter played the game with no problems. The game is easy to teach and easy to learn. The game can be played by 2-4 players and each round lasts about 20 minutes.

You can purchase the WuzzIts game and many other fun games from the Blue Orange Games shop for $12.99.

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