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October 18, 2014

Click 'N Dig Item Finder from 2GoProducts Review

I was provided with the mentioned product to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was given for this post. My reviews contain my honest opinion with the product.

How many times have you lost your keys? The TV remote? Your purse or wallet? I know that these are common items that people misplace everyday. I've been given the chance to try (and review) a product that could possibly solve your problem with lost items. It's the Click 'N Dig Item Finder from 2GoProducts!

I received the F6 model of the Click 'N Dig Item Finder - it includes 1 transmitter, 3 key ring receivers, 3 flat receivers, 3 adhesive stickers, and an extra set of batteries for all receivers and the transmitter. You can apply the adhesive stickers to the backs of the flat receivers and attach them to items such as a remote. 

The set includes 6 different colors; red, green, yellow, purple, blue, and pink. The colored buttons on the transmitter signal the specified color receiver, which will sound an alarm and cause a red light to blink on the receiver; helping you locate the missing item. 

I immediately hooked one of these to my key ring and tested it out; after all, my keys get lost very often. One thing that I was curious about, was the volume of the alarm. Would it be loud enough for me to hear and be able to find my missing item? I shoved my keys between the box spring and the mattress, walked out to the living room (I have a studio/1 br apartment), and pushed my color button on the transmitter. The alarm sounded off; I could hear it; quietly. I think it will work fine for me since I am in such a small apartment but it may not be loud enough for others to have more space. I think it needs to be a little bit louder, or at least have the volume increase after so many seconds of the transmitter button being pressed. The red blinking light will help in some cases, it may be hard to see if you are looking through a big space. 

Attach it to items like: 

I think this set would be perfect for a single person, couple, or possibly small family who lives in a small living space. For bigger living spaces, you'd need the alarm to sound off louder. 

Tip: make sure to keep the transmitter in a safe place and always return it to it's spot after each use. The Click 'N Dig is a great tool but doesn't do any good if you lose the transmitter! 

I hooked my transmitter on my wall, at the highest point I could reach comfortably. That way I could always see it, have it easily accessible, remember where it's at, and an easy place to put back. 

The F6 model Click 'N Dig Item Finder can be purchased on the website or by visiting amazon.com. The F6 model is $49.95 (special price). 


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