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October 29, 2014

Glodose - Light-up Medicine Dropper Review *Belly Bean #4 Event*

I was provided with the mentioned product(s) to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was given for this post. My reviews contain my honest opinion with the product(s).

Glodose is the first medicine dropper that lights up, making it easier and more convenient to administer medicine to a baby or small child. If you're a parent, I'm sure you've dealt with a child not wanting to go back to sleep after having to turn on bright lights to administer medicine. Because of this, you may have also dealt with the difficulties of measuring out medicine and giving it your child in the dark. The Glodose light-up dropper will make the job much easier for you and less disturbing for your child.

Glodose has a patented technology that allows you to accurately measure medicine without turning on the lights and disturbing your child (or children). With a push of a button, the dropper will illuminate a soft glow, allowing you to measure the correct dose and safely administering the medicine into your child's mouth. 

For information on how to use the Glodose dropper, click here.

Even though the dropper is much larger than an ordinary medicine dropper, it still holds up to 5ml of liquid. The glow is bright enough to help you measure correct dosing but soft enough to not disturb your child. I found this dropper to be easier to hold than most droppers and it also has a good gripping handle. 

You can purchase the Glodose on the website for $7.99. 

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Sarah Hayes said...

this is great! i think it would make giving medicine in the night so much easier

Melanie Fee said...

This is pretty genius! I love that you don't have to wake little up & turn the bright lights on... this is literally a good investment. Lol) Thanks for the review!

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