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October 12, 2014

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Review *Belly Bean #4 Showcase*

I was provided with the mentioned product to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was given for this post. My reviews contain my honest opinion with the product.

During pregnancy, hearing your baby's heartbeat is a very special moment. I remember each time I heard my kids' heartbeat for the first time; I was very excited and got a bit teary eyed with every child. For some mothers, you may miss hearing your baby's heartbeat after you give birth. Now with My Baby's Heartbeat Bear you can record your baby's heartbeat and cherish it forever. Not a big bear fan? It's okay! They have a great selection of animals to choose from such as a panda, monkey, lamb, elephant, puppy, and more.

Wondering how they work? Your animal will come with an heart shaped recorder (Sound Module) that allows you to record sound and have it play back with just a flip of a switch and a press of a button. After recording your baby's heartbeat (or whatever you're wishing to record), you can easily slip the recorder into the back of the animal; which is sealed with Velcro. To playback the heartbeat (or message), squeeze the animals belly. 

I am 5 months pregnant with my fourth child - it's a girl! I am super excited and sometimes still can't believe that I am pregnant again. I absolutely love hearing her heartbeat every time I go to a prenatal check up. I am one of those mother's who miss hearing the heartbeat after giving birth so I am super happy that I got a My Baby's Heartbeat Bear to review. I received the "Bunny"- see photos below.

 This bunny; whose name is Lucy, is 15 inches tall and cuddly soft. She is made with soft fleece like material and poly fiber stuffing. She also includes a tag on her ear which says her name (Lucy) and gives you a spot to fill out the date, gestational age, and baby's heart rate. She has a small heart embroidered on her right foot and she's rocking a pink tutu (sold separately).[see below] 

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear would make a great gift for an expectant mother or father; a gift you can't go wrong with. Not only do I love the idea in general, but I also love the fact that they are only $35. I would think they would be more expensive. I believe $35 is a good, fair price for these heartbeat animals. 

I tested out the recording and playback to see how easy, clear, and sensitive it is. Recording is super easy; you don't have to speak very loud or be very close to the microphone. Recording is a bit sensitive so make sure your surrounding area is quiet before you record. Playback is just as easy; just flip the switch to "P" and give the heart a squeeze. The playback can be somewhat loud, so if it is, try recording with less volume. It can also sound somewhat choppy or like static. In this case, record again but make sure you don't have any sound interruptions, such as fans, television, stereo, people talking, etc. Also, try recording about 5-7 inches away from the mic.  

You can purchase accessories for your animal too. They only have a couple options right now - a blue bowtie and a pink tutu. Each of these accessories are $4.50 each. You can also purchase additional recording modules for $14.99. 

 When you are ready to record, you have to remove the plastic tab from the recorders back and flip the switch (located on back, bottom) to "R" (record). Once you squeeze the heart,  a red light will light up on the front to let you know recording is in process. Make sure the microphone (labeled "mic" on front of the recorder) is facing the direction you are wishing to record. The recording module allows for up to 20 seconds of recording. 

After you have finished recording [let go of the heart], flip the switch (on the back of the heart) to "P" (play). To ensure you do not lose your recording, place a piece of tape over the switch. 

Place the heart into the back of your animal and then give it a squeeze!

Your animal will include these instructions as well.

To view the entire collection of Heartbeat Animals, click here. You can purchase by clicking on a selected animal. If you'd like to see if there is a retailer near you, visit the retailer list

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