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October 25, 2014

Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker - Reusable Food Pouch Review

I was provided with the mentioned product(s) to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was given for this post. My reviews contain my honest opinion with the product(s).

Food pouches started becoming popular in 2011. Many parents found them to be super convenient but they were also expensive and because they were disposable, they were adding to the trash. So much plastic was being tossed away. Parents needed food pouches that were reusable and worth the cost. This was the inspiration for Squeasy Gear. They created the Squeasy Snacker; a reusable food pouch for children. 

Not only are these food pouches reusable and worth the cost; but they are also made for easy on-the-go feeding. Perfect for young children and snacking on the go. It works with pureed foods, such as applesauce, yogurt, or pudding, and liquids. It can prevent spills with the 2-in-1 removable insert that allows you to choose between a no spill or free flow setting. 

It's made with 100% food grade non-toxic materials. It's also BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free.

Easy to fill. Easy to use. Easy to clean.

It has a wide opening that allows for easy filling. The collar and spout can be gripped easily when opening and closing, which makes filling easier. The bottle can be turned inside out for easy cleaning and all parts are dishwasher safe (on top rack).  

These food pouches are perfect for my 2 year old. Perfect for drinks and snacks. They are easy for him to hold and they prevent spilling if dropped or knocked over. He was using a bottle that I had purchased at the store that originally contained juice and these bottles are not spill proof. It just has a pull cap to open and to close, you push it down. My son likes to carry his drink around with him but he will occasionally throw it to the floor or set it down when he gets up, which causes it to tip over. Both of these actions cause the bottle to leak. 

He hasn't mastered using a spoon yet, so he usually spills food when trying to spoon food out of a container. More food will end up on the table or on the floor than in his mouth. It makes me feel bad. I know he is trying and I am so proud of him but it hurts to see him try so hard and then lose the food he worked to get, to the floor. 

By giving my son his snack in the Squeasy Snacker, it has made life easier on the both of us. It such a relief knowing that my son can eat his snack without spilling it on the floor and that he actually gets to eat what I give him. It also makes life easier knowing that I can now give him drinks and not have to worry about it being spilled on the carpet or in the car. 
Since spilling drinks and snacks is common in young children, the Squeasy Snacker is great for children that are a bit older. I also have daughters that are 8 and 6 years old; the Squeasy Snacker is perfect for them too! When I give them a drink, I would make them drink it at the table or at least in the kitchen. The cup was to not leave the area. This rule was not always obeyed. When it wasn't, a spill was bound to happen. Even if the kids are sitting the car, strapped in  a booster seat; I could expect their drinks to spill. Either they would lose grip and drop it, accidentally hit it with their hand or arm and knock it over, or just riding over large bumps would make it spill. 

It's much easier for my girls to hold the Squeasy Snacker and because of its easy grip; it allows for the cup holder on their booster seat to grip it too. 

The Squeasy Snacker is available in three sizes - 3.5 oz ($12.99), 6 oz ($14.99 on sale now for $12.99), and 16 oz ($19.99). It's also available in three colors - green, turquoise, and pink. 

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Sarah Hayes said...

this is a new brand to me but they look great. Im glad they are easy to clean. they ones I have arent my favorite but Id love to try these

Kim Richardson said...

We need these!!

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