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October 19, 2014

Update on the Belly Bean! Week 22

So, this is pretty much the first time I am posting about my pregnancy. Besides posting the gender and first announcement, that is.

I did this with my last pregnancy so I figured I would do it again. Not only to share with my readers, but also for myself so I can have all of these exciting moments for memories.

It's crazy to think that I am past the half way mark with this pregnancy. It doesn't seem that long ago when I found out. I remember always thinking that my pregnancy was going to go slow when I first found out but before I knew it, I was almost finished and the baby was almost ready to make entry into the world.

I've been feeling baby girl move for a couple months now. Mostly starting at the 5 month mark. She is very active and sometimes packs quite a kick or punch. She's got me good a few times.

I've been having acid reflux pretty bad too. This is a first for me during a pregnancy. I never had it with either 3 of my kiddos. I talked to my doctor about it so she prescribed me Prilosec. She said it's a class C risk during pregnancy, so I'm not really sure if  I want to take it.

We have been trying to think of names but no luck so far. Anything I've found that I liked, he didn't. I have decided that I am going to have her middle name be Arabella. My younger sisters wanted me to name her that so I decided to make it her middle name. It should make them happy.

I have to schedule my 20 week anatomy ultrasound so that should be getting done soon. Once it is, I will post the ultrasound photos.

Until next week!


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