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October 3, 2014

What Parents Need to Know About ADHD

My 6 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I have to say that I was actually surprised at first because I actually thought my 8 year old daughter had ADHD. But now, after having done more research; my 6 year old fits majority of the symptoms. The diagnoses for ADHD has increased by 41% in the US during the past decade. Some doctors think that children are being prescribed unnecessary medication and that some parents and teachers blame simple misbehavior on ADHD.

While I was researching symptoms of ADHD in young children, I came across a page that describes my 6 year old exactly. Even though the article I found features a "clinical professor of psychiatry and pediatrics", I have no idea how accurate the symptoms are. One of the symptoms I read was how emotional a child can get, especially if they don't get what they want. This is one of my biggest problems with my daughter. It still seems a bit odd to me that she was diagnosed with this because she doesn't have many of the common symptoms. She does show some symptoms of impulsivity - refusing to wait her turn, interrupting others while they are talking, has angry outbursts and tantrums.  

I received an article in my email about what parents should know about ADHD and I believe that there are things that people should know because sometimes people may jump to conclusions and in the end, may actually be wrong.

  1. ADHD is not just bad behavior, but it's also a psychiatric illness that has well described symptoms as well as treatments. 
  2. Some children can outgrow ADHD, but 40% will continue to show symptoms as they grow into an adult. 
  3. Pre-school age children with ADHD are more likely to show hyperactivity, while adults more likely show inattention. 
  4. The exact cause of ADHD is not known, but genetics, brain injuries, alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy, and children exposed to lead create a higher risk for developing it.
  5. Medication to tame ADHD will not make your child a drug addict, nor will it increase risk of sudden death. 
  6. Medication is not the only answer for treatment. For children, behavioral parent training and summer treatment programs are proven ways to treat ADHD. For adults, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and time management training are also proven ways to treat ADHD. 
I also found this really great site that has tons of information on children with ADHD - you can check it out here


Sarah Hayes said...

thank you for sharing this info. I honestly didnt know exactly what it was and I didnt know there were other was to treat it besides medication

Melanie Fee said...

Thanks for this... I feel like this is such a misunderstood topic by so many people. My brother has this & just like every child if different... the symptoms can be different & treatment plans should be that way too. Thanks for the link I forwarded it on to my mom!

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